Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Last December, 642 companies requested settlement corporation shadow voting ... Yoy 40.5% ↑

I asked the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] December vote surrogate activities (boating shadow) on the closing listed companies and 31.2% of the 642 companies in Korea Securities Depository 2,058 companies held a shareholders' meeting last year. This is a shame, up 40.5% from the previous year.

According to the 26th Depository For Securities Market voting shadow of the total 739 companies requesting entity was 193 companies (26.1%). In the case of KOSDAQ entire request entity voting shadow of the 1,185 companies were 448 companies (37.8%). Conex if the entire market of the top 134 corporations shadow voting requests are extremely low as 1 companies (0.7%).

Shadow voting requests corporation had significant changes in the fiscal year starting in December 2014 year, the number of requests legal settlement in 2016 has increased by 40.5 percent to 642 companies compared to 457 companies increased 185 companies last year.

Since closing the shareholders 'meeting in 2014 it adopted electronic voting, and only a solicitation of proxy voting rights to all shareholders in the event a listed company, the audit (audit committee), including elected' shadow voting was possible requests for the agenda.

Looking at the recent settlement traded corporation shadow voting requests Trend 3 years 12 February 2014 at 312 companies in 2015, 457 companies, in 2016 increased to 642 companies. Securities market for 47 companies (32.2%) of the 146 companies to 193 companies, KOSDAQ market has increased 139 companies (45.0%) of the 309 companies in 448 companies.

Last December, closing regular shareholders' shadow voting bill by the total number of requests in 1524 cases, including senior audit (693 cases, 45.5%), the most common cases. Next, executive remuneration, etc. (279 cases) and Directors (273 cases) were the order of such cases.

Last December, the shareholders' meeting scheduled closing of the top 642 corporations requesting shadow voting "senior auditor" bill requesting entity has 560 companies (87.2%), and other subsidiaries requested the shadow voting only for the bill were 82 companies (12.8%).

In the case of the securities market "auditor appointed" Request subsidiaries 181 companies (93.8%), other bills requesting subsidiary were 12 companies (6.2%) in the case of KOSDAQ 'auditor appointed "Request subsidiaries 378 companies (84.4% ), other bills requesting entity was 70 companies (15.6%).

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