Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Yitong three four hosiljeok savings blame? ... LGU + profit growth dotboyeo

It pointed out that the [financial newspaper gimseunghan Korea News] Yitong but all three companies this year expected to lead to robust performance substantially increases the weigh thou return.

26 days, SK Telecom, KT, LG U + 3 Communications, Inc. Sales and operating profit, according to the communications industry observers foresee a slight rise compared to last year.

On the other hand, analysts and experts have pointed out that "recession-type surplus, with minimal spending without gaining the revenue hosiljeok of the carrier.

According to epeuaen guide, SK Telecom was the first quarter of estimated revenues rose 1.49% over the previous year 4.2285 trillion won to 4.2917 trillion won. Operating profit is 2.26% increase from last year to 402.1 billion won 411.2 billion won. Big gains, but increases sales and operating profit at SK Telecom is due to improved performance of the marketing costs and the subsidiary SK Planet.

On the other hand, SK Telecom official said, but 11 Avenue, SK Planet, "I think this year's operating results will appear somewhat high, the reason is because increase in operating income due to the reduction in marketing expenses" and "subsidiary recorded an annual deficit this year seems somewhat gotta performance improvement towed operating profit growth, "he said.

KT is 1.62% compared to last year, this year is 5,000,000,000,000 expected quarterly revenue 604.2 billion won, operating profit gotta be aggregated to a 401.7 billion won, a 4.31% increase with no aspect SK Telecom and big difference.

On the other hand, LG U + sales and operating profit of the three telecom company had expected an increase of greatest width. Last year's first quarter sales of 2 trillion 103.8 billion won increased 6.39% from 2.8682 trillion won, in the case of operating profit to 187.1 billion won from 170.6 billion won a 9.67% increase in the forecasted increase of close to 10%.

According to industry sources "LG U + the meantime, there is a good performance year to focus on sales strategy," he predicts that "through diversification, such as the IoT will continue to grow steadily."

Actual last year, LG U + has a bar geodun hosiljeok beyond expectations to grow even in wired and wireless applications.

Meanwhile, the three telecom company announced first quarter 2017 earnings will be released into all this week. △ SK Telecom, the 26th △ LG U Plus is the 27th △ KT 28 days net.

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