Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Robo adviser adversely Oh, 400 million won investment from the Investment Fund

[Korea Financial News] Byung-hee Lee, the managing director of Robo Adviser Bullio, announced on February 26 that it has entered into an investment inducement contract worth a total of 400 million won from the investment partnership such as Turning Point Co., Ltd.

Doomari has launched 'Bullio', a fund-specific robot advisor, in January. Buuli is a service that allows the general public to receive wealth management services that are only available to high-income earners.

Buuli has also proved its stable profitability through the first LoB advisor testbed hosted by the Financial Services Commission recently, and was selected as the third Shinhan Future's Lab, a program to foster start-up of Shinhan Financial Group's pin tech.

In particular, Bullion is said to be superior in creating stable returns by controlling the risk of losses investors are most afraid of through its own risk lock-down system.

"There was no need to provide professional and objective investment advisory services to ordinary investors, but it was not possible to maintain independence from existing financial institutions and gain trust from the public investors. I will make a service that can do it. "

The company plans to expand its services to various areas such as retirement pension, personal pension, variable insurance, etc., which individual investors are worried about.

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