Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MG Saemaeul Safe and MG Easy Subscription Guarantee

[Korea Financial Newspaper Hagyeong reporter] MG Saemaeul Bank will release the MG simple membership guarantee deduction.

The new Saemaeul Safe Depository will reduce notices at the time of subscription starting from 26th, so that it will be able to sign up even if it is old or have a troubled new product "non-dividend MG simple membership guarantee deduction (renewal type) 'Announced on the 26th.

The non-dividend MG simple membership guarantee deduction (renewal type) guarantees not only death but also surgery, hospital day and three diseases diagnosis (cancer, cerebral hemorrhage, acute myocardial infarction).

It is characterized by easy admission without documentation or medical examination without doctor's admission, surgery and additional test findings within 3 months, admission or surgery experience within 2 years, and cancer or diagnosis within 5 years. If you do not qualify for the three notices, you can join a person with a history of cancer or diabetes, or an elderly person.

The product can be enrolled from 40 to 75 years old and can be guaranteed up to 100 years old (death toll is up to 85 years old) through 10 year renewal.

The main contract guarantees the death of the disaster, up to 3 million won depending on the type of surgery through special treatments, and up to 30,000 won per day (120 days limit) when admitted to the hospital.

Cancer diagnosis and special diagnosis of two diseases, cancer, cerebral hemorrhage and acute myocardial infarction in the case of up to 10 million won is paid.

Dividend is a comprehensive fire insurance that can secure fire, compensation liability, etc. that can occur in houses, factories, etc. with one security.

The company has increased the competitiveness of its products by adding 'Landlord's (fire) rent deduction rider', 'housing fire rider residence fee rider', and 'landlord liability rider'.

The Saemaeul Safe Bank will continue to launch various products to meet customer needs.

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