Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LG Yuplus Launches 'Cloud Phone Service'

LG Yuplus has launched 'Cloud Phone Service', the world's first mobile phone storage space to 100GB.

LG Uplus said cloud phone service can store large amount of data regardless of memory capacity of mobile phone by storing files such as photos, videos and music on cloud server.

How to use the service will be automatically saved to the cloud server after the customer agrees to the terms and conditions and selects 'U + cloud storage' as the file storage location in the camera setup menu. Unlike the existing method of keeping the original file in the memory of the mobile phone and backing up the copy to the server, the original file is saved in real time. Files stored in the cloud via mobile phones can also be downloaded directly from a PC.

LG U + will prioritize the cloud phone service on the LG G6 and plan to apply it to various smartphones and tablets released by domestic and overseas makers in the future. In addition, customers purchasing the LG G6 can use 100 GB of storage space free of charge without a separate subscription procedure.

If you need more than 100GB of built-in storage space, you can add 100GB at a monthly W3,300.

Lee Sang-yeop, managing director of LG U + Media Development, said, "We have been focusing on developing services that can provide substantial value to customers ahead of the 5G era, when demand for large-volume content is expected to increase explosively. The goal is to apply this solution to manufacturers and provide them to various domestic and foreign companies. "

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