Wednesday, April 26, 2017

KSDC holds IR concert for successful crowdfunding company

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Korea Securities Depository will last 25 PM Gangnam M Pot Korea's growth financing and co crowdfunding successful companies and venture capitalists in (VC), angel, etc. "Good crowd for supporting investment matching between investors Funding He said IR held a successful concert company.

The ceremony is about 150 people, including as to support the subsequent funding of the crowdfunding success growing financial company in Korea, Mirae treatment, Shinhan Investment Corp., Korea Investment Associations private institutions such collaboration is a group of investors were invited to participate.

The IR concert is significant that the securities are capital market investors to participate in their massive personal asset of the Wealth Management Group showed interest in the venture capital ecosystem. It provides a wide range of investment opportunities to investors in the capital market through the excellent crowdfunding successful companies, and ultimately is expected to get the Seon Sunhwan that can help anyone start-up SMEs.

Wednesday Lee Byeongrae Depository CEO, said, "This support will allow businesses to make better crowdfunding success can be a real help to businesses successfully crowd-funding through the collaboration of the players and the capital markets continue to grow constantly in the capital markets."

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