Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LG to launch three kinds of IoT smart home devices

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics serves the three kinds of home appliances and accelerate the IoT smart home market.

LG Electronics announced on the 26th that launched, including smart ssingkyu Hub 2.0 to help manage indoor air 'air station', 'Cell Humidity Sensor', respectively.

An elongated cylindrical shape of the speakers 'smart hub ssingkyu 2.0' (SmartThinQTM Hub 2.0, Model: AIHC71G) is equipped with artificial intelligence that can interact with the user. This product is the sum of the natural language processing functions through voice recognition to Smart Hub ssingkyu 'LG Electronics launched last year version.

"Ssingkyu Smart Hub 2.0 is easy to operate the appliances in the house with only voice and shows their status. For example, it says that a user can say "start wash" and immediately operate the washing machine, "washing time end?" Indicates that "20 minutes left".

The user can listen to the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), ZigBee Home appliances and devices in the IoT (Zigbee), etc. easily connect to the Smart Hub 2.0 ssingkyu.

Users can also easily check your voice through 'smart hub ssingkyu 2.0 variety of information such as weather, calendar.

It can also connect to a Bluetooth even while the smart phone 'smart hub ssingkyu 2.0' listening to music to adjust the wind strength and say, "Let me in the air-conditioned Mild Wind" to "Smart Hub ssingkyu 2.0 without using the remote control.

In addition, LG Electronics' air station 'that allows you to effectively manage indoor air quality has two species:: (AITC71W model) IoT devices such as the home market (model AIAC71W),' Cell Humidity Sensor.

These products monitor the indoor air quality in real time and helps to maintain a comfortable indoor environment such that it works as LG Electronics air conditioners, air purifiers like the product.

"Air station 'is to mount the four sensors to detect the particulate matter, temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, respectively to measure the room air. You can get suggestions for ways to simplify their smartphones to check air quality in your home in real time, and improve indoor air quality through ventilation 'smart ssingkyu (SmartThinQTM)' application.

It is a specialized product to manage temperature and humidity, solar cells Humidity sensor "and they suggest a suitable temperature and humidity levels in the five basic conditions. If the indoor temperature and humidity is outside the "comfort range" via a smartphone informs the user. Use the light of the sun light or room light, the energy does not need extra batteries or power connection.

IoT three kinds of home appliances, LG Electronics introduced this time are available from 3 stores LG Best Shop etc. Jiangnan headquarters, Jiangxi headquarters, Jiangbei headquarters. LG Electronics is planning to expand sales nationwide more than 100 LG Best Shop of next month. The price is based on shipping the smart ssingkyu hub man 2.0 39 9000 W, an air station 28 million, solar temperature and humidity sensor 9000 5 man source.

H & A Song Daehyeon LG Electronics Business Division president emphasized that "sustainable, differentiated only LG Home IoT devices that consumers can easily and conveniently use will showcase leading the smart home era."

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