Wednesday, April 26, 2017

If Pulmuone is 'Nature is delicious', it grows twice in one year

[Korea Financial Newspaper ShinMiJin reporter] Pulmuone's ramen product 'Nature is delicious' has more than double the year-on-year increase, and the ramen noodle market is driving a new wave.

According to Pulmuone Foods, the first quarter sales of 'Nature is delicious' grew 214% to 13 billion won, compared to 6 billion won last year. Pulmuone explained that 1Q08 sales rose by 14.5% year-on-year (Nielsen Korea) for the whole domestic bag this year.

This achievement of Pulmuone's popularity is the popularity of 'Yuk Jang-Kang Kuk-soo', which was released in February last year. 'Kokkal' is a traditional Korean noodle soup which is popular among Koreans as it opens new markets in the ramen noodle market.

Therefore, the company is showing new products such as 'Geomangguk' and 'Gomtang Kalguksu' following the yogurt, which is delicious, and is expanding its market share. Instead of caramel coloring, we used natural ingredients such as squid ink, and gomtanggukguksu can feel the texture of noodles by using 3mm knurled noodles.

Pulmuone Foods official said, "Last year Kangal was greatly loved by consumers, and interest in non-fried banged instant noodles is increasing together." "We plan to show a second Kangal that can enjoy a chewy texture like this year's noodles."

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