Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jeongeunbo vice chairman, "Conex market opportunities will be greatly expanded."

Lowers the threshold so that [South Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Finance Committee to the initial companies to easily enter the market than now to Conex. Listed companies are successful in crowdfunding to reliably settled in Conex market, such as early settlement Disclosure Advisory services will be provided.

FSC held a conference targeted at market participants Conex AM on the 25th in the Korea Exchange announced a "system improvement for the sustainable growth of the market, Conex.

This is where jeongeunbo (photo) FSC vice "should be activated incubating function of Conex market can generate new growth engine of the KOSDAQ market development and our economy" saying, "I will greatly expand the Conex market opportunities, and He said.

First, the FSC has decided to ease the crowd funding successful companies, including companies in the early Conex for expanding market opportunities and expand the designated institution investors special technical requirements listed in the previous half level.

Accordingly designated institutional ownership requirement is mitigated in one year more than the current 20% to more than 10%, and 6 months. SME investment securities balance requirement is also lower in the current 300 billion to 150 billion.

In addition, the policy also provides advisory specify the target service by introducing a selective agent Conex to companies related organizations such as exchanges lowered the cost of configuring jiwonban public services such as disclosure counsel.

Small cap IPO market liquidity for the expansion also increases from 10 billion to 2 billion won. Another start-up, so planners can easily participate in the market, Conex now decided to waive the deposit base (1 million).

The crowd-funding Conex → → KOSDAQ reduced the growth of specified retention period, a senior advisor with the public prior to listing requirements in order to enhance the ladder system Forwarder protect him from each obligation period leading up to one year to six months.

In addition, consider the characteristics of each company and to increase the demand for tailor-made corporate presentations (IR) agreed to expand opportunities it was also supported publishing company business analysis reports.

FSC is first available promotion projects, including revised exchange rules are necessary, including the amendments promoting capital market law is so fast-paced and consultations will be submitted to the National Assembly through such convergence stakeholders.

Chung vice 'now Conex market as incubating the market for higher market should promote qualitative growth so that more can be more mature, "it said" this system improvement will be an opportunity for a new leap forward in this respect Conex market expects' he said.

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