Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SPC Group, yeast bread 120 million sales in just one year

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] SPC Group is a native yeast bread market cumulative sales in just one year has exceeded 1 billion 20 million announced Thursday.

SPC Group, Seoul National University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, over the 11 years and the Joint Research Excavation Bakery indigenous yeast (SPC-SNU 70-1) for the yeast in the tradition, and released in April last year and 29 kinds of products related to Korea's first commercialized Bakery was a success.

Since the launch one year 57 kinds Paris Baguette, SPC Samlip 45 kinds of products, such as yeast 167 species recorded sales of 20 million cumulative sales of 270 billion won, 100 million. Shem is eating the country's population was 2.4 per one yeast bread.

Yeast SPC-SNU 70-1 is characterized when making bread fermentation takes a little plain flavor gives utilizing the taste of other ingredients that a chewy texture. Yeast dig a popular new product launch since the dog was sold in Paris Baguette 'chewy yeast bread', respectively 3,500,000, such as "whole grain wheat bread made with only natural yeast" of the SPC Samlip 500 million.

Last July in one of the burgers, shakes swek 'was introduced in the country was covered by natural yeast. The taste and quality created by one SPC Group is a natural yeast to recognize the United States shakes swek directly produce only one of the swek Sheikh International jinchulguk. Shake swek Gangnam is being recorded the highest sales of the world's shake swek stores.

It introduced a native yeast bread abroad. Paris Baguette in China more than 190 stores to launch the 16 species, including yeast bread, baguettes were sold more than one million. Each year sales in Paris Croissant, SPC Samlip thanks to the popularity of these natural yeast bread 3% compared to the previous year, rose by 7%.

SPC Group said, "We implemented a unique bread flavored with indigenous yeast found in traditional koji received a lot of love from consumers," it "will conduct ongoing research and funding for improvements and expansion yeast Products of natural yeast" he said.

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