Tuesday, April 25, 2017

[Liquor alone], Hite Jinro Lotte Liquor, horizon, casting more booths

Open the Korea Financial newspaper reporter sinmijin] △ Hite Jinro sparkling wine factory "Fill Light" ceremony went to the first shipment. There are gimingyu ceremony, President and Executive Vice President Son Bongsu produce such officials attended. Initial shipments are shipped in 60,000 boxes this week is expected to be sold in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Phil Wright, the first sparkling wine featuring a new concept in the country was 4.5 degrees and alcohol can also have use 100% domestic barley and hops aroma. 344ml cans reference chulgoga is 717 won.

Showcase △ Lotte Liquor denim brand server keoru, and collaboration to "cloud x servers keoru local grabber Bag". Lotte Liquor is to provide a bag that can hold a right of iron outing with beer and snacks were planning the event. Local Labyrinth bags have been designed to place a distinctive decor and servers keoru logo. Lotte Liquor is expected to proceed to an event targeted at consumers who purchase a Cloud 355ml cans 24 (1 box) in the country, Lotte Mart and E-Mart presented the local Labyrinth bag.

△ the horizon casting right spring will launch the 'Horizon uncooked rice wine "Special Edition. This product can be purchased only in the spring season and 10,030 bottles are sold as limited. Clothed pink background old 'horizons uncooked rice wine, the bottle label design was designed to recall the spring. The size can be bought in supermarkets and retail stores in metropolitan 750ml.

△ domestic craft empty cubicle showcase the company more "national IPA 'special package. The package was made up with four glass bottles only with a single national IPA beer. National IPA is characterized by a thick badigam homemade beers such as pineapple and papaya flavors, grapefruit blend. Since the end of the month, and sales at E-Mart's main branch and SSG price is 22,800 won. The National IPA will be sold through the convenience CU from the last 20 days is expected to gradually expand its distribution network.

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