Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jonggajip target, marginalized as "Spring Kimchi Sharing 'event support

Proceed to the "2017 Spring jonggajip Kimchi Sharing 'event [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporters from the Seoul Namsan Hanok Village jonggajip food brand in the target announced on the 25th.

"Jonggajip spring Kimchi Sharing 'event dwaeteumyeo prepared to support the improvement of the nutritional diet to help the underprivileged through jonggajip kimchi side dishes and sharing proceeds with Good Neighbors, Seoul Metropolitan Council of Social Welfare.

Day event, including target imjeongbae CEO joined about 200 people including employees, housewives Chungjungwon corps and foreign students. Participants proceed with activities that directly paved the sharing box consisting of kimchi and Side Dishes products.

Target plans to deliver a total of 2,017 boxes for sharing national children's group homes belonging to low-income children and Seoul.

Target officials said, "a lot of sympathy citizens interested in the future than sharing activities and plans to provide a wide range of social contribution events to participate together."

The target has been steadily sponsoring a food bank since 1998, it has been proceeding a variety of service activities such as dividing annual 'Love Sharing dishes' events and 'The Tasty happy to share' event.

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