Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lakeside Construction, seongnamseo lakeside bereudium the end of May, pre-sale

There [Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters - Lakeside Construction is ahead of the pre-sale, Sungnam High lakeside bereudium.

Lakeside Construction announced on the 25th that the pre-sale only end in May, Seongnam, Gyeonggi High School District S2 block.

Seongnam higher lakeside bereudium is 3 underground floor - ground floor 14, 19 buildings, a total of 768 household size. Fed only silsuyojayi prefer only to 84㎡, you can type per household was composed of △ 84㎡A 685 households, △ 84㎡B 83 households.

Seongnam Seongnam Crystal Ball High School District is a public land that the composition godeungdong siheung-dong and Gangnam three one 560000 9201㎡, • naegok Seocho district as well as close to the Pangyo called mini wirye City.

That just is regarded as the net position in Sungnam High School District. Wangnam elementary schools and the media is located next to the complex, and such a pleasant environment also supplies the adjacent parkland and ideal cloth.

Lakeside Construction pre-sale official explained that "Gangnam Seongnam High School District has good accessibility, has attracted attention called metropolitan residential district where the sale price ceilings apply," he said "inquiries such as the district as the first pre-sale pre-sale events, ending sale price does."

Bereudium samples in Seongnam higher lakeside homes dwaetgo provided in Gangnam-gu, Seoul jagokdong 660 Street, occupancy date is September 2019.

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