Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Modern construction, first quarter operating profit of 240 billion won over watch for

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters South Korea - Hyundai Engineering & Construction is expected to continue to lead the grandeur of the 10th year for builders operating profit.

Hyundai has announced that the first quarter results come on the 27th of this year posted 24 days. Following last year's operating profit to embellish 1.0527 trillion won is expected to reproduce the strong gains this year changchulryeok. It heralded the first quarter hosiljeok according to show a boom in the domestic housing market and overseas orders.

In the pre-sale market, while successful completion of the pre-sale, such as Hill State Artie Umm City, State Hill State Hill taejeon secondary proved brand. We scheduled two housing projects to proceed, etc. Songdo, 8 Gaepo just waiting for the Hyundai profit growth factors.

Overseas orders segment of the modern construction is secluded compared to earnings. Currently two months Overseas Construction Association report based on overseas orders were 50 million US dollars to 600 million. Kuwait Jaber Causeway Marine Bridge, United Arab Emirates, etc., and continue to expand the sales of nuclear power plants, but is short of the level expected of a modern building.

According to MAS treatment in the second half than the first half of overseas orders it is expected. Hyundai is pursuing a project orders in emerging markets, including 12.9 billion dollars worth 23.7 billion US dollars MENA region, US $ 11.9 billion in Asia and Latin America. 1Q11 overseas overseas order target originally built modern building in order slump 13.4 trillion won was expected to have achieved.

Mirae treatment side Hyundai 2017 was expected 1Q12 operating profit to 247.7 billion won. Last year, the first quarter showed a record rise for about 207 billion won, up 19.6% year on year. Mirae Lee Gwangsu treated researcher explained that "this year's first quarter earnings of Hyundai will increase naturally blends minimal loss of profit growth in the housing sector and the overseas sector."

Baekgwangje Kyobo Securities analyst has analyzed that "housing mood was offset by growth in the domestic sector foreign sales decreased due to the increase in food sales," he said "for the time being will be a force overseas business since the domestic sector led to earnings growth, the second half."

The Hyundai official said, "just give us a good look at the outside, internally, can not jump to be expected," he did not put the strap tension.

April is the last in a row this week announced first quarter earnings this year of large construction companies. The construction industry is also expected to Hyundai Engineering and Construction, as well as Samsung Corporation, Daewoo Engineering & Construction, GS E & C come out positive results.

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