Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gimdeoksu "will endeavor Foundation funds transparently enforce" the Credit Finance Association

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] gimdeoksu Credit Finance Association's "Foundation Fund will strive to transparently enforce" and "by the future sustainable and promote authentic social contribution activities that the Foundation launched a start card eopgwon love and trust from the people will do my best to get to, "he said.

Gimdeoksu Credit Finance Association has told reporters at the 25th Credit cards Social Responsibility Foundation chulbeomsik held at the Credit Finance Association.

Chulbeomsik was attended invited Chairman of gimdeoksu Credit Finance Association, gimyongbeom Finance Committee secretary general, Ryu Chanwoo FSS buwonjangbo, Kim Yunyoung people Finance Agency director, imyoungjin Shinhan Card, President, wongichan Samsung Card President, Jeong Sujin Hana Card, President, yuguhyeon our cards, president, etc.

Future credit card Social Responsibility Foundation will support the microfinance on debt restructuring of credit cards recovered Committee members in good faith on the patient through the populace Financial Agency. Vulnerable financial aid and support social enterprise also plans to continue in the second half.

Of the ordinary Financial Agency microfinance users by applying a small merchant credit card targeted social contribution prime rate 0.5 percentage points is expected to support the financial people.

Gimyongbeom FSC Secretary General through the barn, "Feel free to drop me a hope to the people and the people in the difficult economic situation deundeunhage support the vulnerable" and "Through the Foundation's activities, enhance the brand value of the card eopgwon also be expected," he said.

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