Tuesday, April 25, 2017

KT M. Mobile launches 'M Life Plan'

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] KT for M 'M Life Plan "that mobile companies such goods may be premature for the' good life 'off a three-year full value communication costs 990,000 won will be released 28 days.

M Life provides 250 minutes KT Networks Unlimited calls, calls only mangoe January 27,500 won fee, unlimited text, LTE data 2.5GB.

Here chose this plan presents a way to make a free effect. When you sign up for consumers' Good Plus 525 "Life is good discount Giving a full communication costs 990,000 won for three years.

If you do not fill the three years of the termination of the plan, communication costs as much as the rest period may be in cash from a good life.

Good Life Good Plus 525 'is a product that paid 37,500 KRW 140 per month. It can be supported to wear one occasion Progress funeral, wedding, seventieth, birthday party. It not only can be a family occasion cost savings benefits even acquaintances.

Jeonyongtae KT M. mobile business operations general manager "allows customers to stall from the communication costs by Life Care was planning this product to receive benefits in life" and "We will showcase the products of differentiated M. Mobile only," he said.

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