Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shinsegae Food, HMR 1-quarter revenue 4,000,000,000 won ... Shopping strategy led

[Sinmijin financial newspaper reporter Korea - Shinsegae Food is scrambling to strengthen brand awareness and sales capacity through a home shopping sales olban ganpyeonsik (HMR).

According to the 25th Shinsegae Food ganpyeonsik the first quarter, the home sales sold at GS · · NS Hyundai Home Shopping is 40 billion. This figure is up to 10 percent of the 39.2 billion won sales increased last year over the new world food.

I raise brand awareness, sales of home olban ganpyeonsik through home shopping could enhance revenues by securing a fixed customer base, including housewives, soul bapjok a description of the New World food.

The second half of the last real "olban cow roasted meat" launched by the GS Home Shopping recorded the good stuff and re-obtain a favorable reception to the synagogue more than 40%, and reasonable price, etc. gumaeyul 10 wanpan. In addition, olban Devils Chicken "series debuted last month at Hyundai Home Shopping is posted sales of 3,500 set for 1 hour. The Shinsegae Food plans to expand the volume 5000 pieces ready to embark on shopping sale on the 26th once again.

Shinsegae Food is dedicated to developing exclusive products for each specific shopping store shopping sales continued to grow in the home olban ganpyeonsik. GS Home Shopping ohdeon selling to existing, and followed by Hyundai Home Shopping NS Home Shopping also plans to develop a single product.

Shinsegae Food said, "Take off the sales of instant images through a home shopping sikineunde recognize the kkiro home ganpyeonsik properly was a big help," he "will go forward to expand sales channels and created a brand that leads the market ganpyeonsik home," he said.

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