Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shinhan Investment Corp., launched Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Rap '

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Investment Corp., said on the 25th that launched the Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Labs' to invest in the fourth round of industrial revolution-related companies that received attention in recent years.

Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Rap 'is a wrap service that invests in domestic and foreign companies related to the four primary industries of the future such as new growth engine, Internet of Things, autonomous, electric, semiconductor, and life sciences. Wraps management unit to identify four primary industry related ideas through collaboration and management of investment assets jeonryakbu Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Labs' portfolio.

Shinhan Investment sides said the investments strategy unit Shinhan Investment WM group of domestic and international financial market experts belonging to the IPS headquarters organization.

Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Rap 'is based on valuation and investment in high growth potential companies in the long term. In terms of risk management, to secure the flexible portion of cash compared to short-term volatility is, in principle, to conduct a flexible portfolio rebalancing occurs market issues.

Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Labs' can be joined at Shinhan Investment nationwide branches and PWM center. The minimum subscription amount is 30 million won, lab fees are type A lien 1.0% (the first one), huchwi annual 1.0%, C-type huchwi annual 1.4% (annual subscription after 3 years huchwi 1.2%). The Lab domestic stocks is the tax effect when the general income tax investments tax-free subjects (excluding securities transaction tax), foreign stocks are selling so classified taxed at the capital gains tax (22%). To 100% depending on the commodity exchange exposure value and exchange rate fluctuations in investments which have the potential loss of principal.

Shinhan Investment IPS headquarters Jeong Donyoung general manager said, "Shinhan Luxury Global 4th Industrial Revolution Rap" 4 car industry lab services that investment by configuring the domestic and foreign companies to get a positive benefit to the portfolio of the revolution "," Shinhan Investment IPS Headquarters based on the progress of the know-how accumulated over 2-3 years and long-term investment is suitable for investors seeking to outperform the market over this, "he said.

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