Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gwonohhun counselor one day experience a life-president, Customer Service

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] gwonohhun find a customer support center is located in one of the war 21 days of life the president went on "daily customer experience consultant. Gwonohhun president after last May with a daily customer experience as second counselor is once again communicate directly with customers and listening to the voices of the party went to the field staff to visit the customer support center.

Day ticket president had time to listen directly to the complaints of the customers respond. After this experience over wearing an apron it was also carried out surprise event to share the good Bellflower tea and snacks to those counselors who use a lot of the usual neck. Chayumi counselors' seems to have more power to serve, I get surprised, saying, "It seems to be passed even guests who have good energy received today requested consultations" said a comment.

Gwonohhun president 'out in the field were the guests of the precious time you can hear the voices of counselors who who are suffering in the opinion forefront, saying, "We reflect the voice of the customer complaints and field staff more, and all customers and employees happy, Ltd. he said the move will further strengthen the communication of that. "

One in Daejeon Life Support Center has been selected as Best Call Center in a variety of call center service quality survey by introducing counselors knowledge retrieval system, strengthen friendly response training.

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