Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Eugene Investment & Securities initiating, SMART champions 'iris authentication services'

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] Eugene Investment & Securities has announced that the 25th start of the iris authentication service in its MTS 'SMART champions' through technology agreements with Samsung Electronics from the last 24 days.

The iris registration function is in possession of a mounted Galaxy S8, S8 + customers to register an iris information on Samsung passes through the mobile app 'SMART champions, convenient MTS login, query, and marketing instead of the existing complex certification process with only the iris authentication It was made available. The iris authentication services are provided based on the Samsung Pass biometric authentication technology of Samsung.

Eugene Investment & Securities official said, "has introduced a financial investment industry's first fingerprint recognition technology in March SMART champions last year to increase the convenience of customers," he said "We nagagetda provide a convenient and secure service than continuously introduced into the pin-tech technologies" said.

Details of the iris certificate issuance process and use instructions are available at Eugene Investment & Securities website.

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