Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NH NH Life, 5000 billion subordinated debt issue

Issue a [South Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] NH NH life is subordinated. The initial 500 billion won big in size than the known size.

NH NH Life announced through the 24th disclosures issued 5000 billion of subordinated debt. Depending on the maturity and the issue △ 7-year 170 billion won 280 billion won △ 10 △ 10-year-year (5-year call option) 500 billion, respectively, yields △ 3.15 △ 3.58 △ 3.35 to about three types.

As a result of March geuchideon NH RBC ratio of 183.2 percent year on Agricultural Life (solvency ratio) is expected to be as high as 206.6 percent. RBC ratio is an important indicator to determine the financial health of insurance companies. FSS has to insurers advised to keep the RBC ratio of 150%.

Subordinated debt issued by the NH Agricultural Life is the first time. In the last month the Council held NH NH Life has decided to issue subordinated bonds with a pre-emptive recapitalization purposes against IFRS17 enforcement and RBC ratio decline.

Officials said, the demand forecasts were greater than expected, said 'results recognized a stable financial structure, including under the insurance solvency assessment highest rating of AAA of Korea Ratings and NICE credit rating in late February this year.

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