Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Provides LG U +, the first domestic 'IoT Experience Room' opportunities

It provides an opportunity for customers to experience the IoT services directly through the 'IoT Experience Room' [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] LG U + is from May Gonjiam resort.

IoT Experience rooms available, customers can try to use the product to set the various modes in real house, such as a robotic vacuum cleaner is turned off and the lights work automatically when you go out. In addition to check the real-time footage of the rooms inside the home through the CCTV you enjoy walking in the smartphone and can also experience a variety of services, such as dividing families and video conversations.

LG U + if they believe high customer satisfaction Konjiam Resort in IoT experience that greatly expanded the room while installing additional current consumer electronics products of the company services 36 kinds of launch customer needs are such high commodity and IoT bidet, safe wide experience It explained that it plans to offer the opportunity.

Goseongpil LG U + IoT marketing is "IoT experience or John operational experience and penetration in the results our customers have used the service directly to much higher customer than not" and "IoT Experience rooms to try the customer service directly from the real-life environment products It said it will be an opportunity to determine whether you need ".

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