Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BBQ, raise prices again propelled ... 10% climb out

A [South Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] will likely push the value of impression of BBQ chicken which was re-collapsed early last month the government re-zero.

BBQ plans to soon raise the price based on the menu every chicken that merchants are the main difficulties in labor costs, rising rents and delivery fees. Markup is unlikely to deviate significantly from the 9-10 percent level was announced last month.

Last month, BBQ is an Avian Influenza (AI) to the price of dalgap the "Golden Olive Chicken 'which contains representatives menu why dwaetdaneun hike to raise 2,000 won 18,000 won, the Golden Olive in confidence' and 'Jamaica through leg roast' When is each has said he would raise the 1,000 won and 1,500 won. the decision to raise the price BBQ chicken raising is Shem value in eight years since 2009.

It spurred the advance of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry and Food Ministry is avian influenza intense pressure hagetdaneun (AI), such as the progress of the IRS tax audit during raise chicken prices as an excuse. The BBQ, which had planned to withdraw the price increase announced only five days.

But for the price increase claimed for this BBQ "There is no reason to object if the reason for such labor costs and rent increases," said naenwatda flexible stance.

Chicken franchise industry to raise prices above the pace of BBQ 1 · 2 (based on sales) of Kyochon chicken and bhc regard to the current price hikes, said that no consideration.

Prior Kyochon Chicken is a raise the bar in 2012 and twice in 2013 chicken prices rise in rents and labor costs two euros approximately 7-8%. bhc has been sold since 2009, the fried chicken prices to 15,000 won.

Chicken Industry insiders said that the "delivery fee app than a main cause of the delivery personnel directly employed labor costs rising chicken prices in the franchisees," said "concrete plan, but the bar is determined that the prices discussed internally, in fact."

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