Tuesday, April 25, 2017

LG Electronics launches the world's largest 32-horsepower gas Cooling & Heating

The [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics, the world's largest gas Cooling & Heating Capacity: launch (GHP Gas engine driven Heat Pump), and the new leading global B2B HVAC market.

LG Electronics is the 25th of 32 horsepower efficiency: unveiled (HP Horse Power) Gas Cooling & Heating 'GHP Super 3 "new. With 32 horsepower corresponds to 90kW cooling capacity (kW), heating capacity of 100kW, stand-alone gas Cooling & Heating is the world's largest capacity.

The product provides an indoor unit to one outdoor unit can connect up to 58 it is ideal for medium and large buildings. For example, if installed in big hospitals, commercial buildings can be air-conditioned more than 50 individual space at the same time.

Among domestic manufacturers LG Electronics has developed the only gas Cooling & Heating with its own technology, and production. The 32-horsepower products are meant to go beyond that LG Electronics is leading the global market in just six years the foreign companies operating in the gas market, Cooling & Heating.

LG Electronics application smart refrigerant control, smart oil control, innovative technologies, such as four-sided heat exchanger increase the heat exchange area than the previous, which detects the oil level in real time and automatic fuel supply to real-time control the amount of refrigerant in this new product in optimal conditions.

In particular, four side heat exchanger Cooling & Heating is contributed to the area of ​​heat transfer area to transfer heat to raise more than 4% made wider than 20% at the same time increasing the energy efficiency, product performance. In addition to the increased production capacity natjiman upgrade the reader algorithm maintains the industry's lowest noise was 60 decibels (dB).

LG Electronics is also considering that it came up with gas Cooling & Heating products to customers long-term use lowers the pressure maintenance products. The price of the engine oil is regularly required to replace the oil filter, spark plugs, etc. supplies to reduce 70% of imported goods were differentiated management costs by period using the product.

LG Electronics is now planning to sell gas Cooling & Heating in Latin America and the Middle East and, and expanded to Europe and Asia by 2020.

LG Electronics Air Solutions Business Division yigamgyu Vice President stressed that "through the air conditioning system know-how and continuous technological development will continue to lead the global air conditioning market."

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