Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Restructuring FKI ... 20-30 people apply for voluntary retirement

Reportedly announced [Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] innovation, and the eyes of the end of last month 20 people on the voluntary retirement stones from the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI below) is currently being carried apply to restructuring. FKI agreed to a voluntary retirement to employees who pay three months' seniority levels one month per year of additional bonus to the main base wolbong wolbong

24 days, was estimated to have a total of about 20-30 people hope the results by the end of the FKI retirement received under the Korea Economic Research Institute Staff Application "FKI official said he said.

FKI has received a voluntary retirement to the general staff from the last 13 days inside the Innovation announce that cuts more than 40% of the organization's budget and the 24th month. We have four groups, including Samsung, Hyundai Motor, SK, LG leave the second this year, the Federation of Korean Industries aftermath of a budget has plummeted.

Financial officials "scrambling FKI has recently reduced the size of the organization, including voluntary retirement, said he said 'organization after downsizing will proceed, including the integration of the Korea Economic Research Institute.

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