Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hungkuk Life, 'GI Insurance to be a boon to families (low-refundable cancellation), sales channel expansion in popularity

The expanded sales channels [Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] Hungkuk life while premiums are lowered provide a level of assurance of the same with an existing life insurance (free) GI Insurance to be a boon to Hungkuk Life Family (low terminate refundable). This product is only sold to wateuna the GA channel since its launch in March, it decided to expand its sales channels, such as through word of mouth among subscribers Get the most popular channels and FC TM channel.

This product is an existing CI (Critical illness • serious disease) that complement the shortcomings of the new generation of insurance GI (General illness • General disorders) life insurance. Raise as the benefits of the existing CI insurance maven ensure jongsintorok disease to define the disease as a form of code by reducing the misleading interpretation of the shortcomings were complementary.

First, it enhanced security for eight diseases. The eight diseases of cancer △ △ △ stroke acute myocardial infarction, end-stage lung disease △ △ late period of disease, end-stage renal failure △ △ △ foot amputation due to disease, blindness caused by the disease shall ensure jongsintorok. The existing general health insurance rider guarantees a mere 100 years old. Also key to the advance payment of 80% of onset diseases 8 and pay the remaining 20% ​​after the death strengthened the survival needs of subscribers.

About 8 o'clock diseases' (no) once again guaranteed eight riders diseases (update type) to "join can be guaranteed up to two times. When the first cases of cancer from diagnostic scheduling verifications common cancers are guaranteed to be 20,001 years from the day, including the day that ensure that the classification symbol different classifications for the other diseases and ensuring one more time.

Join the limit was enlarged. Actively reflect the opinions of the customers came to complement the ahswiwot or fewer deaths guarantee to death the advance payment guarantees being reduced in disease diagnosis through regular rider Add Up has expanded the death of the prime contractor guarantees a maximum of 8 million.

(Free) GI Insurance to be a boon to Hungkuk family life (low-refundable cancellation) "has been developed as a low-refundable cancellation also lowered premiums paid. That is the form of lower premiums refundable termination instead of the termination Upon termination payments less refunds paid during the period lowered the customer burden. This product has a Class 1 (low-refundable termination), it is composed of two species (standard type) and Class 1 (low termination refundable) is Type 1 (30% refundable) and type 2 (50% refundable).

Hand myeonjeong Hungkuk Life Product Development Team Leader is "(no) Hungkuk GI Insurance to be a boon in life, a family (that terminate refundable) 'go insurance" of the winnings the previous character, "said" jongsintorok go in ensuring assume common diseases ( I was trying to make an insurance sameulman to 家寶) "he says.

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