Thursday, March 16, 2017

FSC vice chairman, "two banks household debt check strengthened"

[Korea financial newspaper choice is a reporter] is 16 days' Given the recent dot and the second increased sharply in household loans mainly finance site inspections and risk management for the non-banking sector (second from right) jeongeunbo Finance Committee Vice Chairman to strengthen more thoroughly nagagetda "he said.

Jeongeunbo vice-digit day, told reporters at the residence open "FSC, FSS joint meeting risk checks' from FSC conference room. The meeting was the Deputy Financial Supervisory Service, the International Finance Centre Director, Korea Institute of Finance Research Institute, etc. attended the dawn of day, handed down in accordance with US interest rate hike domestic financial market trends and outlook inspections, recent bond market trends and corresponding directions were discussed.

The financial authorities last December, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) policy rate hike since the market recovered briefly shaken ryeotjiman of dwaetgo explained that the money flows into emerging markets stepping up this year.

However, over the past decade it continues the major monetary policy stance may be the volatility of the financial markets expanded from changes in, point internally, before the presidential election, externally reinforced attention protectionism in the US new government, Saad and China (THAAD ) it was pointed out that there are variables such conflicts.

Jeongeunbo vice chairman said it "will closely review the financial books and foreign currency liquidity impact of the rise in interest rates and implementing measures such as pre-emptive recapitalization, liquidity, acquisition, sale of distressed assets when necessary.

The financial authorities to pursue a policy of corporate bonds, 2.2 trillion won in size through the acquisition policy measures to support financial institutions relatively weak bond issues of small and medium-sized enterprises when interest rates rise. If the bond market crunch is deepening the bond market stabilization fund has also restarted immediately.

Another corporate restructuring, financial authorities are now in April sets out a comprehensive corporate support measures such as the expiration of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering experiencing liquidity problems provided 3 of January market plans relieve anxiety.

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