Thursday, March 16, 2017

Starbucks drive-thru, Shop 100, opening times

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Starbucks Coffee Korea a "drive-through (DT) 'Branch opened 100 times. Starbucks Coffee Korea announced that it opened the 100th national Bucks star 'drive-thru' the store in 16 days Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province. Drive-through store is a store where you can order drinks or food without having to get off the vehicle.

Starbucks has presented its first drive-thru store in Gyeongju about four years ago. Through this opening it was to operate 100 stores in 1009 about 10% of the current stores that are operated by the drive-thru stores.

Starbucks has offered to commemorate the 100 shop tumbler special production, the open day to visit first-come, first-served basis at no charge to the customer 500 people to donate at least 5000 won it. All proceeds are donated will be donated to the Northern Pohang Disabled Welfare Center.

Especially in the case of DT points, Jeju aewol DT, DT Donghae, Gangwon points including the surrounding scenery and harmony alone DT racing Originals stores, the company explained that becoming a new tourist attraction many tourists looking for.

Starbucks yiseokgu CEO, "because of the variety of regional development, such as attractions and new towns composition, a living area using a car is expanding this change more diverse consumption styles are expected along," he said. "The distinctive star service in Starbucks but in the future It said it will continue to expand its sustainable drive-through stores based on. "

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