Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nose Day, New York standing in line-up "collection of modernist 'public

[Korea financial newspaper ohahreum News] Samsung in September last year acquired US luxury kitchen appliances brand's Day nose is a new luxury built-in line-up at 15 (local time) in New York City Samsung NY Marketing Center (SEC 837) 'modernist collection ( It unveiled a Modernist Collection) '.

Also from 16 days to 19 days will showcase the New York Manhattan '92 peer-and-94 (Pier 92 & 94)' lineup participated in the exhibition center "architecture barrels Digest Design Show (Architectural Digest Design Show) 'held at.

Samsung Electronics, the yunbugeun CEO and Day nose key executives of the 'modernist collection, public events conducted among the attending media and industry insiders more than 100 have I played a social actor Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin) couple, and kitchen designers architects, etc. this was an introduction to the design and features of the product.

Event participants were divided into small groups forms of social reproduction of the experience, such as home kitchen party in a real home, etc. together through talking about the features of each product to enjoy dinner.

This time the public 'modernist collection' is under evaluation by Kami was a new interpretation of the luxury kitchen with modern design elements in the style of old luxury kitchen appliances.

Here are luxuriously ended a graphite color and consideration for user convenience in stainless steel design and technology, Samsung is deohaejyeo perfectly cooked, of course, carefully finished to give a more advanced kitchen.

Day nose 'modernist collection' is △ wide variety consisting True built-in refrigerator and freezer △ steam function in the oven and cooktop are combined with pro-style ranges △ the intensity of the flame visually represented for healthy cooking to 36 inches from 18 inches 'virtual Frame (virtual flame), induction cooktop △ veneer is applied is crispy and deceived moist oven dish capable of steam features double wash without oven △ corners tight and automatic door opening in conjunction with quick-drying is possible dishwasher △ cooktop automatically lights up when cooking starts, was composed of a hood.

Of the Day nose with the industry's most competitive True Built-In Refrigerators and freezers can be opened easily fridge door with △ small force "pushes open door '△ ice reduces the melting' Cocktail Ice 'function △ internal temperature changes more slowly than conventional foods more long and 'remote-view camera' △ usual, there is hidden is lit when touched, indicating the operating status 'hidden controls' that allows you to check the refrigerator inside the food storage through the calmness technology △ smart phones that keep fresh I gotta be equipped with a new standard of luxury in the refrigerator.

Particularly environment-friendly refrigerant for use luxury consumer brands as the only US Environmental Protection Agency energy use and greenhouse gas emissions reductions in effective techniques for applying the product awarded the "Energy Star high-efficiency, high-tech products Award (Energy Star 2016 Emerging Technology Award) 'suspicious product reduces energy consumption and electricity costs as.

The Day nose is 16 days (local time) Participating to "architecture barrels Digest Design Show is one of the New York Times and USA famous architectural design magazine AD (Architectural Digest) is the US's largest interiors exhibition organized every year about 4 a thousand industry professionals and visitors have visited the interior and interest.

Day nose is provided on display 8 kinds of refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, cooktop, such as luxury built-in kitchen appliances for a total of 18 species of exhibition space to showcase the luxury consumer product quality at the exhibition.

Of the Day nose marketing officer David Nichols (David Nichols) is "day innovative design and technology of luxury built-in appliances '50 tradition and Samsung combined nose and was look completely line of new and innovative products," said "the future kitchen appliances innovation nagagetda lead, "he said.

Samsung's Consumer Electronics Division yunbugeun CEO is to share the philosophy of it to deliver premium value to consumers through the "Samsung's Day nose innovations, this time a new showcase modernist collection is differentiated competitiveness of the companies figured synergy the first fruits "he said," we will strengthen the connectivity and advanced technology, premium design in the kitchen so that the kitchen can be the center of family life, "he said.

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