Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kumho Asiana "Development Bank, Kumho Tires should stop selling yeoronjeon"

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporters] are scrambling to fierce criticism of the Kumho Asiana Group, the Industrial Bank denied the right number of Kumho Tire's first charged through the consortium in fact. When you submit a financing plan that passed the admission must be adhered to say and principles to permit the consortium to several media, the criticism that expand the double play.

Kumho Asiana Group 16, "Industrial Bank One has notified the definition of the priority number of books on the Kumho Asiana Group over 5-6 times through the media, last September 20 bidding related documents, email, etc. since the start dwaetgo only once even officially no bar notified "and" priority number of rights without shareholder meeting resolutions Park Sam-koo, we know from the articles that are sent to auction the candidate a separate Letter of Commitment or contract that a baksechang private industrial banks alone, which is procedural He said important issues "that may be defective.

Following the "Current Development Bank says that it can not give hayeoseo send an official letter that you submit a financing plan the other hand, the Consortium for bidders configuration and group participation to talk to the media as line allowed through the shareholder meeting resolution impossible allow the consortium there "and" industrial added that banks will have to stop the yiyulbae general yeoronjeon immediately. "

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