Thursday, March 16, 2017

Latest round of SK Networks President, CSIS Pacific Forum to attend the annual Board of Directors

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter - latest round of SK Networks President for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) played an active foreign private attend the annual Pacific Forum under the Board of Directors.

The president attended the latest round Pacific Forum held annually in the United States Council for Hawaii local time 15 to 16 days had a time share for this year, business plans and prospects attended in a heated discussion on security issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

Latest round Chairman of this at the annual Board of Directors "due to the recent nuclear test and missile problems and the ambient situation surrounding the Korean Peninsula rapidly changing," he said "the two-digit region gather the wisdom and power of the people gathered in a future-oriented direction naahgagil want to, "he said.

The latest round has been sponsored by the President of $ 20,000 per year for the development of the Pacific Forum, and especially a lot of attention and support under the Pacific Forum Young Leaders Program (YLP).

Young Leaders Program is a new generation of leadership activities supported by the Pacific Forum CSIS. Of more than 1,000 young leaders from about 60 countries, including the young Korea from 2004 to present their contributions and through direct participation when establishing the Northeast Asian and international policy issues of the Pacific Forum.

In 2015 and 2016 he won the suggestion of recent presidents also held a forum profit more from Seoul Walkerhill Hotel. At the time it was attended only the United States, three countries, Korea, Japan also invited China to profit more was the assessment that paved the way to the expanding base of more commercial forums.

CSIS Pacific Forum has been founded by Lloyd Bash admiral in 1975 with offices in Hawaii, a non-profit, private research institutes to study the foreign policy that operates as the Asia-Pacific branch of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in Washington (CSIS).

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