Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hungkuk life, low-income "Pink Box" passed women youth

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] TK Financial Group subsidiary Hungkuk life has passed in the last 14 days 150 "Pink Box" for underprivileged youth women's collar. Green Umbrella Children's Foundation and the achievements to the netizens 'Pink Box' campaign was conducted with a total of 1500 times Click on the "Like" button.

The campaign 'Life is Sharing': was held in conjunction with the theme of SNS (Subtitle happy Campaign divide added). Hungkuk as the official way of life "like" the "pink box" Facebook posts are to deliver the "pink box" one whenever the cumulative 10 women who are most vulnerable youth were held until the end of last month to 14 days.

Pink Box campaign is to give business to protect the health and welfare of the adolescent female teenagers keen sensitivity, supports the bright and healthy lives of low-income women's economic difficulties as a young woman struggling to buy household goods. "Pink Box" is made up of feminine hygiene products (sanitary napkins), body products, just items needed for women, including adolescents pouch.

Will the campaign participants are more beautiful than the campaign 'help yourself in the sad story of a young woman could do this, albeit While we can truly appreciate the help campaign,' '! Geureogie more widely believe that inform, "" we loved busy even dreamed of a bright future Let created with the environment in which to dream freely to the children, '' as well once I want to hold good, even a few hundred times, 'and the message of warm support with leaving actively participate in the campaign.

'Life is sharing' is a customer engagement campaign induction social contribution activities with the younger generation familiar with the SNS. Hungkuk life, this' pink box SNS campaign to start in May, sharing Relay campaign during the year to come to "warm Habitat Campaign 'for the' coloring book donation campaign, in October, child care facilities children for children patients It plans to proceed.

Hungkuk Life official said, "The first try was surprised at the warm love and care donation campaign participants showed a" he said, "We will strive for a culture of donation to participate easily and happily."

Hungkuk life is yieoohgo various social contribution activities such as child care facilities to support employees directly involved in order to fulfill its role and social responsibility of businesses, home repair services.

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