Thursday, March 16, 2017

One Members' Catch the scholarship "One Money GO Events

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] Hana Financial Group (Chairman: Kim, Jeong - Tai) "Take the scholarship!" Through "one money GO 'one of the member's service for college students to embark on a new school year Carried out an event.

Offer this 'One Money GO' events across the country 460 goes over the university campus to April 30, and one member's app installed and registering a total of 30 million won scholarships target students, book vouchers, coffee vouchers, drink vouchers, etc. do.

College Scholarship event is "one money GO '' Graduation Cap" by touching the icon lottery opportunities for the students who issued the application coupon and give it appeared, the event ended May raffle of ten to one per 3 million through one after the scholarship money will be paid into one.

In addition, the coupon provides real-time event and how to participate is the same one coupon icon, touch and are paid at the same time, 10 to 1 to one only the supplied money, book vouchers, vouchers for free coffee, drink coupons for various prizes, including 5000 people every day.

Hanjun castle as KEB Hana Bank's future financial group buhaengjang is "to celebrate the saebom take advantage of our future, as the public events planned in terms of cheering students of the era, augmented reality platform," one money GO "to games like Pokemon GO was able to attend the event, "he said.

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