Thursday, March 16, 2017

中 me 'Wan Hui "Korea now no consumer complaints

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper News] Chinese state broadcaster CCTV aired the accusations program 15 days right on the 'Day of Consumers' expectation missed expect the three targeted companies including Lotte Group of Korea. Companies in South Korea showed that the target be broadcasting until shortly before entered the local affiliate of Lotte, Samsung Electronics' 315 Wan Hui "was not mentioned.

CCTV is 15 days for two hours from 8 pm (local time), if the Internet is reliable consumers have no worries' was airing '315 Wan Hui' theme. This program is a program that has been produced with the Chinese government and foreign companies focused CCTV target.

This year, though quite a few high-altitude observation rea companies include Korea in missile defense systems (THAAD · Sadd) Retaliation-dimensional program, it pointed out problems such as Nike in the United States, Japan, non-powdered, Muji, Super Ion. In China, the domestic Internet search engine "biker com" went on the chopping board.

Wanhu day, which pointed to problems such as durability of the products made in Japan and radioactive polluted areas of Nike shoes.

In addition to unqualified medical company illegally collecting personal information and product touted, LED Stand-related damage cases, the feed was added to the rise Kindle Dogs disabled, internet, telephone with voice phishing, etc. case, babysitting brokers credentials issued by controversy, smartphones the risk of iris recognition and face recognition, privacy, hacking using a mobile phone charger risks, uncovered a fraud selling functional foods, such as targeting the elderly.

Climb the target of criticism 'Wan Hui 315 "China continues to fall in confidence, as well as sales plummeted due to the boycott. The foreign companies to Wan Hui is why referred to as' the lion limbo.

Wanhu which mentioned the issue of the quality of last year, South Korea and the United States, Germany, the Thai Children's goods before 2015, charged excessive labor costs of imported vehicles of the Volkswagen and Nissan, which has been treated and vehicle defects.

2014 was a Japanese camera makers Nikon and Australian dairy company OZ milk is the target dwaeteumyeo exchange defective service of the year 2013 Apple problem. McDonald 2012, 2011, Kumho Tires also deulmyeo calls to bar any quality problems can jjogeura is located in China.

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