Thursday, March 16, 2017

Amore Pacific Mamonde 'creamy color tint Night' released

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporters] to upgrade to the new 3-in-1 'creamy color tint Night' Amore Pacific brand Mamonde lipstick, tint, lip balm containing the best of it released 20 days.

'Creamy color tint Night' release came after 2014 'Velvet Red' color is loved by improving the dry and peokpeok spreadability of existing products are launched as 'light' and 'Intense' line.

The 'creamy color tint Night Lights is packed like a moisturizing lip balm and lip pencil "Night Intense color and creamy tint, lip pencil is packed vivid color and soft velvet feeling like a lipstick. Reflecting the color trends in 2017 broadened the range of choice in a variety of color of a total of 20 branches.

Mamonde said, "complemented by a dry peokpeok spreadability of existing products all hand easy product that can produce a lip makeup, it seemed a positive response from consumers online with the launch line the main color in early March, the second He said that the hope is to be born with red velvet. "

The newly upgraded Mamonde 'creamy color tint Night "is from March 20, 17 can meet the national Aritaum stores and online.

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