Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Saad firestorm of China, South Korea to ban cruise ships docked ... June seemed to lead

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] China's high-altitude missile defense (THAAD · Saad) was begun among the measures that prohibit retaliation from China to South Korea Cruise Line docked on helix according to the arrangement. According to the cruise shipping industry in China are not operating until the end of June, South Korea gyeongyupyeon coming from the last 15 days.

Italy cruise to South Korea via seonsain stopped from the last 15 days and also the Royal cabinet Adrien Princess Cruises, Costa was also a party to refund canceled. Busan or Jeju through the existing cruise lines heading to Japan, is replaced by the Fukushima and Kagoshima in Japan.

Departure to China by the end of this action brings to their cruise schedule of cruises to South Korea via 182 voyages have been canceled and the state was cut off trying Oh 350,000 cruise tourists away from the Chinese example.

As in earnest in Korea, China Travel sales expected to hit the aviation industry is also inevitable.

The Chinese government has entered the Korea National Tourism Product sales from discontinued over the past 15 days. The move is due to the two days of this month, China issued a national yeoyuguk Korea Tourism prohibited directed through the national agency in retaliation for Saad place.

Currently, only the Chinese Embassy to apply for a separate visa in Korea, such as airline tickets and book their own trip to Korea are available.

As tourists decreased Airways embarked on the realization of China's 79 convenience to flight next month suspended 23 days from 16 days. Asiana also stops the convenience of 90 flights by the end of this month.

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