Thursday, March 16, 2017

MetLife, sets out support agents ... 'GMAP' release

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] MetLife is a GA (General Agency, an independent legal representative) of financial planners are MetLife's contract management more efficient as you can so dedicated mobile application, 'GMAP (GA Mobile Application)' the It launched.

Through this application, GA Financial planners are now able to quickly and easily access contract status, easy Sign up design, product library, online training, such as functions required for operating activities dedicated counselors connection MetLife products.

Especially that it can take advantage of convenient services such as contract management of customer contracts lookup smartphone greatly increased user convenience as the most distinctive in the industry. You can view the 'My Contract Status' menu examination of the progress in real time through a new contract, and "full sales status monitoring' menu, it is possible to ensure the necessary complementary information. It also expects to increase it customer satisfaction with more attentive customer care you can easily check the normal maintenance, effective, surrender, cancellation of such contract conditions and specific queries are possible, contract-specific variable income and equity commitment ratio.

Through the "Easy Up Design" menu, you can easily check the insurance premiums and product information for product design in just a few clicks. The assessment identified information, products can pass easily through text messaging or chat apps to customers and added customer convenience.

Damien Green MetLife said "MetLife is by offering differentiated mobile services for the empowerment of agents and customer satisfaction has established itself as a digital leader in the life insurance industry," said "With the systematic and specialized education support provide a high level of mobile customer management through the 'GMAP' by strengthening partnerships with suppliers, and expects to achieve higher customer satisfaction, "he said.

In addition to the 'GMAP' it is going to help the business activities of GA financial planner through a variety of functions. Through the 'variable (funds) Archives "menu offers a variety of return, monthly quarterly guides, reports by Fund Management, relevant news stories, and ensure the right product invitations and terms and conditions can be shared with customers.

"Online education" in the menu offers a variety of business-related training videos and materials are available in professional quality education without regard to time and place. Other activities, such as sales and support for the customer during the meeting that fortune can take advantage of, sent greeting cards can be more convenient.

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