Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chungjungwon target, "the source table, the world 'new three kinds of market

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Chungjungwon three kinds of new products were launched by the World source table "to reproduce the unique flavors of the world. Chungjungwon is planning to strengthen its position in the market place one source through it.

Target Chungjungwon has recorded a market share close to 30% in the source market of 165.3 billion won Sales By 2016 scale.

This time, new products are introduced, mustard cream sauce (215g) ',' Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce (250g) ',' horse radish sauce steak (205g) 'in three species, both priced at 2900 won.

Marketing Division choehoyeol exaggeration "New World table Source 3 species are introduced to a colorful consider the needs of made of various consumers, put the traditional way of the world-renowned sources as the product," he said. "We can easily enjoy at home a variety of foods in the world so constantly to expand its product line-source policy, "he said.

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