Sunday, April 23, 2017

[April 04 NOTES bank time deposits up to an annual interest rate of 2.0%

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters (excluding savings banks) April 4 Parking bank time deposits yield the highest product it showed that Kwangju Bank to open 2.00%.

23 days, according to the Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures site "at a glance Financial Instruments, bank time deposits (1 year, isolated, cum earned) I compare the average interest Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool Savings' annual 2.00% ( pre-tax) was recorded in the rate of return ranked first place.

Pre-tax interest rate is the base rate does not reflect the preferential conditions.

2nd Guangzhou banks 'time deposits smart collection Dream "and Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Health Savings Plus' This was an annual 1.70%. Third place was the three products recorded an annual 1.65% Busan Bank 'BNK harmony savings.

4 above was compiled by five items (1.60% a year), and 5 above, Jeonbuk Bank Mutual Smart installments (annual 1.55%), Busan Bank 2030 Busan Savings Expo registration.

FSS 'because the product-specific terms and conditions, including interest rates of finance companies can often be delayed disclosure gotta change before transactions must contact the financial institution' he said.

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