Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mobilization development, Samsong secondary Wonheung Station mobilize Royal Duke Vista box office success

The [financial newspaper gimdohyeon Korea News] Development mobilized 'Samsong secondary Wonheung Station mobilize Royal Vista Duke "was a box office success.

After opening the sample houses just the last 21 days is the third day Moline 21,000 people over a crowd. It said second yeoksegwon just that the composition Wonheung Station nearby Subway Line 3, attracted the attention of the consumer's point of massive are behind the demand for secure land.

That is the only residential complex in the basement three floors above ground 35 stories, three east, only 84㎡ apartment of 312 households and one underground floor - 3 floors above ground and three copper, total floor area of ​​10,000 7631㎡ scale commercial blends. Enhancement Samsong receiving attention as an emerging residential housing development in the belt is the composition earth block M2.

Scheduled to open this year, Star Field kitty "and" cat IKEA points, added a three Premium Mall. Consumers are expected to play a greater role in driving the ease of living increases and higher prices. Just next to the kindergarten and lower the risk of accidents such as hagyotgil etc. Samsong seconds of cats, kitty dongsango located in walking distance. Samsong is the library, etc. Agricultural University, close to the excellent equipped learning environment.

The accessibility of Seoul and Ilsan considered as an advantage. Wonheung reverse drive desing, Sangam, Hongdae is possible in and out, and 30 minutes to reach Yeouido, Gangnam and the like may contact with the about 50 minutes. Elected status is connected to Gangnam also extended routes and doors opening. If the future extension of New Bundang and GTX A route is opened traffic conditions will be further improved.

Car pre-sale seunghak Director explained, "There is one group in Ilsan New City Goyang Samsong aging as a land development area emerged as one the emerging residential and commercial belt to absorb the demand in and out of San Jose".

A subscription schedule to start coming to the 26th Special supply goes to the 27th rank 1, 28 2 ranking. Winner announcement next month on the 10th, just three days total contract shall be concluded by next month 15 to 17.

Sample houses were provided in the match Deogyang-gu, Goyang wonheungdong 633-7 Street. Occupancy is expected in April 2020.

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