Sunday, April 23, 2017

Electric bicycles, mileage up to 1.9 times the difference by product

[Sinmijin financial newspaper reporter Korea] survey that after the one-time charge of electric bikes sold in the market, I mileage up to 1.9 times vary by brand.

23 days Korea Consumer Agency said the test appeared as a result of evaluating the quality of such major mileage, driving comfort and safety, battery electric bicycle safety targets of seven popular product.

Target brand Samchuly △ △ △ gate Alton Sports Vision △ △ Belo Star Am Tech IP △ electronic procurement of six researchers and the products were evaluated by selected seven.

Findings pedal assist mode between the traveling distance after charging product once the electric bike about 1.9 times and 1.6 times the maximum throttle approach was different.

Auxiliary pedal system mileage "Am IP Tech (APOLLO MARS M3), the product is 111㎞," gate-definition (YUNBIKE C1), the product showed the greatest difference in 60㎞.

If the throttle mode "Alton Sports (CITY) 'product dwaeteumyeo to investigate the longest mileage driving the 42㎞' gate Vision (YUNBIKE C1) 'product was found to be the shortest up to about 1.6 times the difference between products with 27㎞.

Along with the advanced product quality inspection was found to problems of products that do not meet the electric bicycle safety standards.

According to the safety standards for electric bicycles in front of the left brake handle, rear brakes one should be located on the right side "Bello star (Folding Star S) 'product survey to be mounted in reverse. "Gate-definition (YUNBIKE C1) ',' Bello star (Folding Star S) ',' Am IP Tech (APOLLO MARS M) 'products, is not indicated a safety check or safety certificate number and year of manufacture May, the seller name, model It showed not.

Korea Consumer Agency said, "the problem is found that companies are planning to improve the brake position and the product key labeling" and "in price and performance between products rather it is a meticulous comparison at the time of purchase is required as long as the difference," he said.

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