Sunday, April 23, 2017

Shinhan Bank, a month 愛 bank 'Plus Points offers "

Product upgrade [Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] Shinhan Bank (Bank wiseongho) will gather scraps amount from time to time to get back with interest, non-face-to-face private deposits, one month 愛 bank 'Every one month, as well as cash Mai Shinhan points also to enable the payment and announced that the 23rd conduct 'events plus point' that adds points to deposit one point.

"One month 愛 bank" is the amount of monthly customers have savings (one up to three million, Mon balance to 30 million) to the designated account and the date provided for annual 4% interest rate and customer-specified per one month through the swing (Swing) Services a non-face-only product that automatically deposit with reserves. Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Financial Group, said if the integration Rewards service, Shinhan FAN Club membership enables Ido My Shinhan points in 1 point increments, as well as cash deposits through this upgrade.

In addition, it proceeds from the event, which is also the end of June plus point redeposited 10% of Shinhan points credited to my target customers value entry to the event through the Shinhan FAN Club up to 50,000 points per person.

Shinhan Bank, said, "With this product upgrades and events became Cuts points can be managed as a valuable asset for our customers," said, "We will strive to provide a variety of services to help our customers," he said.

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