Saturday, April 22, 2017

Koscom, Robo adviser secondary test bed 20 where Application

[Reporter Korea goyounghun financial newspaper] said Koscom adviser in charge of the Robo test bed operation Bureau to apply for 21 days, including four banks, securities firms a total of 20 secondary testbed participation.

According to Koscom month 27 days from Robo adviser secondary test bed to participate in this day requests received results △ △ brokerage four banks 1, where △ △ seven full-time advisor advisory, discretionary unlisted companies (Robo adviser companies) were involved eight.

Of these securities, as a consortium of banks is two places, Koscom officials said dwaetdago received a total of 22 algorithms in 20 companies.

Koscom has been previously opened a "second robotic test bed Adviser presentation, last month 10 days Information NOTICE such as test beds, including the eligibility criteria △ △ △ algorithm criteria introduced △ audit process involved the application process.

Koscom from the actual market for the three portfolios performed one month in writing and specific on-site audit from 24 days for their application algorithms, and by November the pursuit for six months △ stabilized △ risk-neutral △ actively invested of it plans to review the operational requirements and the like.

Bonsimsa is account management capabilities and rebalancing history checks, including portfolio customer delivery of operational audits and Robo Advisor service system stability △ security will continue to review, in November civilian review committee final deliberations for through plans to launch a test Corbett pass algorithm to be.

Operational status of each portfolio is exposed through a test bed Koscom website (http //, it will hold the 27th Final Review Board comes for the first application algorithms bonsimsa ended.

The test bed is being operated robotic advisor Koscom to verify the authenticity and reliability of services in accordance with the robotic advisor advisory services, discretionary promotion policy for asset management services popularization of the Financial Services Commission.

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