Monday, February 13, 2017

KB Kookmin Bank, 'rock star festival events

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank yunjonggyu) The 'KB linked securities account "opened a new blog rock star membership target as' rock star festival awards event and lecture Seo said that the conduct. The event is the event to cheer the 20 new start and energetic future of the students ahead of the start dates in March.

First the theme of 'being a professional way in the Republic of Korea, Seo has prepared a lecture. From rookie to become a pro and will take the time to talk through the challenges of the current trend to climb communication and entertainment in the place of the 20 students. The February 13 from March first open a new 'KB linked securities account "until May 10, and offer a special invitation to lecture to draw a total of 170 people and leave comments and participate in lectures, 85 patients (one of two). Lecture will be held on March 28, Hall 7 KB pm (Gangnam), winners will be announced on March 16 via blog rock star.

The event also goes for the blog members can not participate in the lecture event. 2 will offer three prizes for a total of 900 people through a lottery for customers who open a 'KB linked securities account "the first new (automatic application) from May 13 until the end of the month. Jeongyunyeon welcomed "the red chicken's' △ KFC boxes hatwing mobile vouchers (500) and △ Liiv Mate points that can be used like cash at various points jehyucheo Lee 5000 (400 patients) are provided. Winners can be found in the April 7 blog rock star.

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