Monday, February 13, 2017

NH Investment & Securities, 21 Russia, Brazil Bond Investment Conference

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun reporter] that NH Investment & Securities. 21 pm 4 pm Yeouido in NH Investment & Securities headquarters targeted at investors interested in Russian and Brazilian bonds held customer briefing about the country Status and Prospects announced 13 days .

Fair Credit is the nation's leading chief foreign bonds kinds of professional renewal NH Investment & Securities Global 'NEXT Brazil, Russia! Let Love invest in bonds (Russia and Brazil)! 'Lectures titled. July 2014 foresee a sharp decline of the Brazilian World Cup Brazil bond prices at the time of the sale and renewal servant leader naetdeon report had predicted a turnaround in Brazil's 2016 bond.

Russia and Brazil continue to bond brokerage and NH Investment & Securities side with "Russian bonds this year, with Brazilian bonds are also deemed promising completed an in-depth due diligence on those already in the beginning of February the Russian government, central banks and major institutions," said "Russia bonds explained, is thought to be difficult, but it is off economic sanctions quickly, his ability is stronger internal and external at the same time afford the high interest rates attractive bonds with Brazil. "

The customer briefing is available customers interested in debt Russia and Brazil are all free to join and you can apply on the website and participate in the pre-QV MTS. Customers also consult the application that created the bond and foreign experts after the session is 1: 1 counseling can be presented even free gifts worth 1 million yuan.

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