Friday, March 17, 2017

Amore Pacific Group shareholders' meeting ... Constitution changes, including approval

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Amore Pacific Group's 58th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders based on the audit reports, sales reports, said 17 days had authorized the negative agenda. Common stock cash dividend was confirmed as 460 won, 465 won first preferred shares, the approval of the Constitution was made some changes based on the company's Internet home page address is changed.

Amore Pacific Group Outside Director and Audit Committee Member of the Audit Committee as Shin Business Administration, Yonsei University Professor and Director of the Sejong Institute choejeongil was re-elected and newly elected each.

Amore Pacific reported audited in the 11th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, Business Report, approved the agenda wealth. Cash dividend ₩ 1,580 common shares, preferred shares was finalized in 1585 won, were made some changes to the approval of the articles of incorporation of the company in accordance with the Web address changes.

AP's outside directors Kim Sung-soo, Seoul National University professor and Chair Professor of the CEIBS bakseungho China was re-elected and newly elected respectively. Audit Committee The Audit Committee is a Seoul National University professor Kim Sung-soo was elected new.

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