Friday, March 31, 2017

Caffe Bene, 'Cold Brew "coffee market 3 kinds of Renewal

Today announced the launch 31 days [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Caffe Bene is "Cold Brew 'renewed three kinds of coffee.

This time featuring products have been configured for the first time, the original cold brew, the third renewal products since the Cold Brew triple drop unveiled last released in 2015 by three kinds of 'Cold Brew, "" Cold Brew latte', 'Cold Brew caramel macchiato' .

Caffe Bene 'Cold Brew "is a representative menu coffee green beans carefully selected experts in accordance with the authentic Cold Brew how to blend the optimal ratio of the low-temperature extraction of unique deep flavor and rich aroma well represented.

"Cold Brew latte 'is added to the aroma of milk Cold Brew juice extracted carefully and boasts a smooth taste great balance,' Cold Brew caramel macchiato 'is a menu where you can feel the cold Brew crude and sweet vanilla syrup and a blend of caramel sauce to be.

The price is based on the regular size cold Brugge 4500 W, Cold Brew latte 5000 W, Cold Brew caramel macchiato 5500 won.

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