Friday, March 17, 2017

Daewoo jump back to a clean ... Audit opinion 'fair' restore confidence

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper News] Daewoo is now reborn with a clean audit opinion received 16 days 'fair value' from Anjin.

Based on robbing restore confidence nightmare we had the third quarter of last year, declined comment, poised to accelerate improvements in corporate value.

While credit ratings at the time, but the risk is falling down animations now even stock price has created a rebound airflow.

Meanwhile, Daewoo E & C's apply a strict accounting struggled to remove uncertainty.

It is likely that all will be treated with a little bad loss. In sales, but surpassed 10 trillion won for the first time, was also resolutely endure the situation is that a large deficit and operating profit.

Daewoo official said, "Glad to minimize the market concerned," said "We expect earnings this year to as much as seonbanyoung possible future losses expected to occur," he said.

The comments received treatment with appropriate construction is expected to maintain secure credit ratings and liquidity, the private-led project proposal-type projects, including through financing becomes smooth.

Daewoo Engineering & Construction is expected to significantly improve the performance of this case reap from overseas sites spread propaganda, etc. This year housing business and S-Oil Ulsan residue upgrading project, Hanoi New Town to large businesses fell to poor reversal effect.

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