Friday, March 31, 2017

For construction machinery trade association, "We the medium term 'land transport services contribute to the development awards

[Korea financial newspaper reporter yichangseon Large forklifts for sale, for rent, we specialize in the medium term (CEO Kim Youngseon) has received a citation from the construction machinery trade association for recognition of the ball contributed to the development of land transport services.

We are mid year 1995 the company established a construction machinery, agricultural machinery for sale, forklifts been sold to rental, leasing specialist, the concept of rent was a little strange.

Always been at the forefront in customized distribution equipment, and relieving the financial burden of many builders and farmers such as forklifts and loaders with rental services are available at reasonable prices.

Company official said, "construction machinery and agricultural thinks machinery sector seems submitted appreciate your contribution to the development and rewarding pleased," said, "We strive to provide more advanced rental appreciate customers who sent us the sustained attention and support will, "he said.

More information can be verified through our Mid official website.

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