Friday, March 17, 2017

Industrial Bank, Bank yieoon three models 'Song Hae' Substitution

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] The Industrial Bank to terminate the contract with Mr advertising Broadcaster Song Hae 90 March Malo. Mr. Song Hae Industrial Bank signed a contract with advertising to inform the consumer finance function. The meeting began with the planning of jojunhui ago haengjang is the concern of the industry rallied behind this agreement is a great success to be picked as the most effective advertising in the financial sector.

◇ bank consumer finance companies first announced features such as gongsin

Joe ago haengjang Mr. Song Hae decided to model a friendly and warm image in order to break the perception that 'only companies using banking' because the bank name. At the time her daughter to attend the advertising company 'behind the times', but opposes the decision of the former Article haengjang for why Joe is stuck haengjang before pushing the result is scored a great success. Joe made before haengjang "Fellow citizens! If you deposit in a bank now turn to buy the company. This will increase jobs and businesses to live 'ad is the phrase became famous piggyback friendly image of Mr. Song Hae, more than 900 billion won in only three months the break came in deposits in the banking company. Joe ago haengjang are satisfied with the decision at the time determined by the degree to "cherish the Song Hae" a book put naetneunde management strategy title.

◇ 3 vs. D was replaced in the image conversion

Mr. Song Hae had worked as jojunhui haengjang ago, gwonseonju advertising models undergo a three (代) Corporate Bank until now gimdojin haengjang through the entire haengjang was jjikge periods. Industrial Bank of Korea official said, "Corporate Bank believe that consumer finance the bank of recognition spread a lot of 'said' now rather dynamic and made it identifies the need for an image makeover with young advertising model determines the model to replace 'he said .

Selected new advertising model was selected Lee, Jeong - Jae claimed to be impressed by the smoke from a variety of works such as 'thieves', 'New World', 'tubular', 'assassination'.

Industrial Bank of Korea official said, "Recently gotta believe that smart line with changes in the financial markets and Lee, Jeong - Jae is going to best fit the model representing the image bank had previously nakjeom final," he said. Industrial Bank plans to strengthen the image of the 'Change and Innovation banks' strong and solid banks' through a new model. Lee, Jeong - Jae as a new advertising model is aired in early April through TV, theater, outdoor media, etc. coming.

Industrial Bank is expected to honor the efforts of Song Hae-party to deliver a tribute video production. Industrial Bank of Korea official said, "as whilst Song Hae model dispel the misunderstanding that now banks are banks that deal just now and was reborn as a friendly bank," he said. "Lee, Jeong - Jae also people of all ages and trust the actor as a good synergy IBK getting in is expected to be, "he said.

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